Safety Net in English

Safety Net Helsinki is a service based in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area that is meant for adults and children experiencing domestic or intimate partner abuse. Safety Net Helsinki offers professional support and information about how to overcome abuse.

One can contact Safety Net Helsinki directly or be referred through an authority. The service is free of charge. The service is organised by The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL) Helsinki association, a politically and religiously non-committed organisations founded in 1922.

Safety Net Helsinki can help in many ways


Every day help is a service that offers help with things suvh as getting an apartment, receiving benefits or organising your financial matters or arranging issues relations to divorce.

Strengthening the safety net offers help with analysing the existing support network of the client and making a mutual plan to strengthen it.

Creating a safety plan helps anticipate threatening or dangerous situations that are caused by a loved one. The safety plan includes concrete ways of preventing violent situations and leaving them.

Help through discussion with an expert on abuse work offers the opportunity to go through the abusive experience and provides help on how to overcome abuse. We offer help to each family member; the abused, the abuser and those who observed the abuse from the outside. When necessary, each party has access to their own experts.

Phone counceling in questions relation to abuse and consultations about the criteria of starting as a client are available weekly. Check our on-call times at

Functional peer support groups to children of different ages offer support with overcoming abusive experiences and aims to build their strength. Themes may include emotional skills, self-awareness, listening to your body and mind and security skills. Children meet in peer groups.

Functional peer support groups for both the child and the parent offer a regular opportunity for doing fun things together. The groups also offer the opportunity to get to know people who have been through similar experiences. The peer support groups are professionally led with experience experts and volunteers offering support in groups. Activities may include trips, relaxation excercises, baking or other functional activities that the participants wish to partake in.

Functional peer support groups for adults are professionally led closed groups whose content is built based on the group's wishes and needs. Emphasis is on doing things together.


The goals of the service

  • End abuse and recover from the experience
  • Build stronger personal safety net
  • Improve autonomous life management
  • Support parenthood
  • Make children's needs known and support their recovery

Contact information:

  • Call us tel. 040 645 3622 
    • Mondays 8.30-10.30
    • Wednesdays 14 - 17
    • Fridays8.30 - 10.30
    • You may also leave a voice mail anytime with your contact information, we will call you back
  • E.mail:

Our functional peer support groups to parents and children have started!

We get together in May on Wednesdays at 17:30-19:00 in our offices at Helmitorni, Kauppakartanonkatu 7 A 4.

Let us know you are coming by e-mail, text message or call us. Welcome!