Sophie Mannerheim's Shelter in English

Sophie Mannerheim’s shelter offers protection for people who are being subjected to violence or to threat of violence. The shelter is managed by The Mannerheim League for Child Welfate's (MLL) Helsingin association, a politically and religiously non-committed organisation.

The shelter offers 24h secure housing in cases where staying at home may feel too difficult or dangerous due to violence or the threat of it. You can either call or come to the shelter on your own or with children at any time during day and night. The shelter serves clients of all ages. Also children can seek help from the shelter if subjected to domestic violence.

Sophie Mannerheim's shelter provides protection mainly for residents of the capital region, but one can seek for shelter services also, if necessary, anywhere from Finland. The shelter altogether has seven rooms for you and your family.

The personnel is on-site 24h a day to support your security. Shelterprovides security and practical support in crisis, as well as help, guidance and counceling related to domestic and close relationship violence.

Do you need a safe place for your pet during your stay in the shelter? We have volunteers who are willing to offer a temporary foster home for your pet while you are in the shelter and we will do the necessary arrangements.

Professional violence workers of SafetyNet Helsinki also offer help in case you do not need the accommodation services of the shelter. They also provide help after staying at the shelter.


Violence in a relationship can include

  • physical violence (pushing, slapping, restriction and/or prevention of movement, hitting, kicking, pulling ones hair, strangling, burning, throwing items, injuring with sharp weapons, in relation to children also pulling, rough treatment, shaking, hair-pulling, pinching)
  • mental violence (threatening with violence, belitling, derogation, insulting, controlling, breaking items, isolating, intrusiveness)
  • sexual violence (rape or its trial, forcing to sex or to pornography, denial of birth control, forcing to abortion, restriction of sexual self-determination)
  • financial violence (hindering of independent use of money, forcing to give own money to someone else)
  • cultural and religious violence (forcing to a religious conviction, forcing with violence and referring to religion or culture)
  • persecution (obtrusiveness, spreading of false news, destruction of property, intimidation, stalking, stealing and misuse of information)

In particular to the kids, violence is also to

  • witness the violence (seeing or hearing it, living in fear or exposing to the harmful consequences of violence)
  • neglect the child (supervisory, physical, medical, emotional, educational neglect and abandonment) 

None of these the above mentioned are part of a good and healthy relationship or family-life. In most cases violence lasts for years and gets worse when it progresses. Violence is always about coercive control over the other. Violence often includes harmful beliefs, as such

  • placing the blame on the victim
  • making the victim to believe that he/she deserved the violence
  • making the victim to believe that he/she provoked the violator.


Violence in a relationship & family is always a crime.

Get help in time!


The shelter helps you to:

  • manage the crisis caused by violence
  • secure the victim and the child
  • stop the cycle of violence
  • get medical support in case of need
  • submit a crime report or alike
  • seek for restraining order
  • seek a new or a temporary home

You’ll get:

  • a secure place to stay
  • practical assistance with the authorities and others
  • mental support
  • confidential discussions also on the phone

Tel. 24 hrs.  +358 400 600 107        


Address: Kunnallisneuvoksentie 20, 00980 Helsinki  

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Metro stations: Puotila or Itäkeskus

Bus stop: Meripellontie 4222

Bus lines: 98, 95N, 802

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